Section Overview
Chapter 1 Section A Variables and Expressions /Operations with Real Numbers
Chapter 1 Section B Order of Operations/Simplyfying Expressions/Functions
Chapter 2 Section A Solving One Step Equations/Solving Multi-Step Equatios/Solving for a Variable
Chapter 2 Section B Rates/Ratios /Proportions

Chapter 3 Section A Graphing and Writing Inequalities
Chapter 3 Section B Solving Two Step and Muti-Step Inequality/Solving Compound Inequality
Chapter 4 Section A Graphing Relationships/Identify,Writing and Evaluating Functions/Graphing Functions
Chapter 4 Section B Scatter Plot and Line Best Fit/Arithmetic Sequences
Chapter 5 Section A Linear Function/Slope and Intercepts/Direct Variation
Chapter 5 Section B Forms of Linear Equations/Slope of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines/Transformation linear functions

Chapter 6 Section A Solving Systems of Linear Equations/By Graphing/By Substitution/By Elimination/Solving Special Systems
Chapter 6 Section B Solving Linear Inequality
Chapter 7 Section A Exponents
Chapter 7 Section B Polynomials
Chapter 8 Section A GCF/Factoring x^2+bx+c/ax^2+bx+c
Chapter 8 Section B Factoring Special Products
Chapter 9 Section A Identify Quadratic Functions/Graphing/Transformation
Chapter 9 Section B Sloving Quadratic Functions
Chapter 10 Section A
Chapter 10 Section B
Chapter 11 Section A Geometric Sequences/Exponential Functions
Chapter 11 Section B Square Root/Radical Equations
Chapter 12 Section A
Chapter 12 Section B